Custom built for maximum performance.

Remote Header/Tree

A remote header with branch circuits are custom built units to suit a new or existing equipment. The Remote Header provides easy access for installation and servicing, and allows existing branched circuits to be upgraded. The branch circuits allow for small diameter pipe runs. It can also support a horizontal receiver and an electrical panel to control the circuits. The Remote Header can be customized to fit strict space requirements.

The Remote Header/Tree units are meant to allow existing branched circuits to be upgraded. These units are custom built to suit a new or existing equipment.
  • Welded and painted structural frame
  • Suction headers oversized to function as accumulators
  • Branch circuits (air, electric and hot gas defrost)
  • Isolation ball valves for circuits
  • All suction pipes insulated at factory
  • Charged with helium and leak checked
  • Vacuumed below 500 microns and holding for 24hrs
  • Shipped with holding pressure of nitrogen
  • All components UL certified
  • Horizontal receivers
  • Mechanical or electrical pressure regulators and/or solenoid valves for branch circuits
  • Isolation ball valves
  • Sight glass per liquid line
  • Liquid line insulation
  • Drain pan
  • Operating lights and toggle switches for circuits
  • Heat exchanger for mechanical subcooling or heat reclaim
  • Evaporator fan and defrost heater control
  • Mounted leak detector for all refrigerant types
  • Control boards for evaporator monitoring and control
  • Mounted 3-way valve, head pressure regulating valves, flooding valves and other piping instruments